Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is one of our key specialties at Blue Stone as both Patrick Sherman and Gary Zimmerman have been owners of multiple automotive businesses.  We like to joke (but it’s really true) between the two of us we’ve probably forgotten more about owning and selling automotive businesses than most people (including other brokers) will ever know.  That’s not just bragging or being pretentious, it’s a fact.  Gary has been in the automotive sector for over 3 decades including 25 years with AAMCO Transmissions at the corporate headquarters and Patrick Sherman has owned 4 automotive locations in multiple states over an 18 year period. With this in-depth experience we know how to buy these businesses, how to run these businesses and how to sell these businesses (for you) and we have 100’s transactions under our belts to prove it!  So to say you’re in good hands…understatement.

And why do we like the industry so much? There are a lot of reasons for this:

  1. It’s a stable industry (recession resistant) and there will likely never be a day where automotive repair will stop being needed if not required.
  1. We like to sell people on the “Life Style” of the business. Many are Monday – Friday 7:30am to maybe 5 or 6pm.  No holiday work typically and lots of time during the day or week to go watch a son or daughters baseball or volleyball game.  And the model just makes owning this type of business much easier than many which makes it easy for us to sell your buyer on these great atributes.
  1. We like working with franchises because their business model (AAMCO/MAACO etc.) tends to cater to buyers who were previous business owners or managers and those are the exact buyers we have targeted our advertising to for years.

Finally, we could go on and on about this sector, but you already know many of the great attributes.  Give us a call and we can discuss the sale of your company knowing that you’re not working with a firm that just sells an automotive business once a year in between selling liquor stores and restaurants.  Having our specialty team on your deal puts more money in your pocket and gets your company sold faster.

Here are just some of the brands we have worked with or are currently in the process of selling:




Honest -1



Various Independents