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Your Most Pressing Questions…

If there was ever an event in a person’s life that could have far reaching implications for many years to come, it would be selling your privately held company. So we know this transaction needs to be done right. We suggest you start off by getting answers to some of your most pressing questions…



Why Blue Stone Business Group

We do things a lot different than the competition and it really pays off for YOU (many full price deals and quick sales)

  • Wall Street Level valuations
  • Business Transaction attorney for you – no cost
  • Prepared purchase & sale agreements at the ready
  • Prepared offer documents
  • Tight deal control for faster closes
  • Free income statement review*
  • Seasoned accounting professionals – no cost


Industry Focus

To be as good as we are it does help to have industry knowledge…and we do! Our partners/owners have owned 14 businesses ourselves and we use that experience everyday to make sure you’re well represented. Here are just a few of the industries we focus on.


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