We are the Blue Stone Business Group.


Blue Stone Business Group is a specialty firm that focuses almost exclusively on selling franchises.  As franchise owners ourselves we know every trick in the book to selling franchises and how to do it right to maximize the money you will put in your pocket from the sale!   We are an organization built on the principles of hard work and integrity. We are relentless.

Since our founding in 2007, Blue Stone has evolved into a business unique in focus. We fill an under-served niche in the business sales market through our focus on helping franchisee’s resell their individual locations. We understand the particular needs of the franchisee who is selling a business and we are adept at solving the problems associated with these types of transactions.

We also are focused on industries where we have expertise. We like to say that we specialize based on our lives. We don’t put a square peg in round hole. We have lives, families, etc. and from that we have special, inside knowledge of certain business segments. So we work in those segments. There are no astronauts in our backgrounds so you won’t find us selling in that category. But we do have people who grew up in the automotive business and we have history that gives us special insight into the senior care industry. So you will find us in both those segments regularly. It’s our way of sharing insider knowledge in a way to help buyers and sellers make transactions that are positive and profitable for both parties. Plus we know how to keep the franchisor happy as well.

So how do we do this?

We do it by providing services that help franchisees correctly position their businesses for sale. We provide valuation services for pricing accuracy. We do financial statement recasting so buyers can correctly value your company. We vet buyers so you don’t waste time on unqualified prospects. We develop your business profile (a 20 to 60 page selling document for buyers)  so all of your important information is presented to potential buyers in a way that expedites the sale.

Additionally, we know about exit strategies and how to plan for them. We have industry knowledge of multiple brands to help buyers and sellers understand the competition and differences between them. We are people who have owned businesses and franchises and that knowledge has been invaluable to our sellers, you!

Finally, because of this depth of knowledge and countless transactions under our belt we are really good at what we do and we believe you’ll agree.  Just call us today and let’s start the discussion because selling any business is a BIG deal!