Why Blue Stone Business Group

Why Blue Stone Business Group?

To say we do things different from the anyone else you’re likely to speak to when it comes to selling your business, is a huge understatement.   Some of the items you see below are almost unheard of for this industry and there’s a lot to each section, but we want you informed as that’s the only way to make smart decisions.  And because of the highly proprietary nature of what we do, we’ve password protected this whole section.  If you’d like to dive into these sensitive items (which you should) please contact us either on the phone (916) 226- 5684 (mountain time) or email us from the “contact us” menu bar to get the password.

  • Wall Street Valuations (why to use them to get the highest price)
  • How to control the deal by controlling the process (important reading)
  • Business transaction attorney – no cost to you*
  • Free income statement review*
  • Continued…How we vet buyers and control confidentiality