How Do You Manage The Deal From Afar

A few sellers have asked us how we manage to sell businesses when we’re not physically there to manage the transaction, so we thought we’d address this for you.   It’s a fair question and easy to answer.

Actually managing the whole transaction from afar is quite easy and in fact, that’s the way we’ve been doing it for over 10 years!  It’s actually easier and more efficient in most cases to manage the transaction via computer/online, as everything that occurs throughout the transaction, actually occurs via computer/online…except for a “walk-through” by the buyer.  And even the walk through we can help you with from afar through coaching calls and specific documents that help you understand what to expect and how to deal with the buyer during this event.  Further, we provide important suggestions to buyers on how to be prepared for a conversation with you and how to be respectful of your time and how to conduct themselves when contacting you as well.

Additionally, when we work with buyers, we can use Zoom and screen sharing software, which (in some cases) is easier than having someone physically looking over your shoulder while reviewing a spreadsheet.  We think you would agree with that. The point is, in the age of the internet, this is about THE most efficient way of working the transaction… computer and telephone.

Finally, we do not know anyone else in this industry who does coaching for our seller’s to help facilitate a transaction.  And for the buyers… having us actually suggest to your buyer how to act and/or respect your time, again unheard of.  But of course, this is all part of our Managed Process and we encourage you to review that section under the “Why Blue Stone” section.