How / Where Do You Market My Company

As we mentioned in the section “When will it sell” there are some very specific things we do in advertising and marketing, you may want to stop and read that section first.

In the age of the internet, every broker has moved away from newspaper ads to on-line ads. There just aren’t enough people looking at newspaper ads anymore to generate the lead flow to sell a business in a reasonable amount of time. We’ve even used the Wall Street Journal a few years back on multiple runs and generated very few leads.

The point is, we use all the main websites and several that many brokers don’t even know about (unless they’ve been doing this for as long as we have). We don’t use logos or the name of your business in any of our ads (nor do we recommend ANYONE do so) and if it’s located in a small town we try to keep the ad such that a buyer will not be able to figure out what/who the business is. We have to be honest though, if your business is located in a small town, then that can be somewhat problematic. Call us and ask us about one of our own businesses that we sold which was located in an isolated 9,000 population town. I think the conversation will be insightful.

Bottom line, advertising very specific items in your ad and managing the ad correctly to insure it ranks high on various websites are just some of the things that we specialize in and would be considered part of our “secret sauce” to getting our deals completed quickly and for the highest price. Call us for further details.